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> I came across a neat doll recipe, written in PS:
> http://www.flickr.com/photos/evaxebra/532572791/
> The use of the history brush has been called crucial by the writer.
> Knowing that GIMP does not have the history brush, what does it do and how
> do I accomplish the function in GIMP?

The History Brushes effect is like cloning from a different undo step.
In this case, evaxebra does a gaussian blur, undoes, and then uses
that blurred image as a source to 'clone' from using the History

If I wanted to follow this tutorial, I would, instead of 'gauss blur;
undo; select history brush; paint with history brush' do 'gauss
blur;edit->copy; undo; paste; new layer; layers->mask->add layer mask
(initialized to black); then paint with white and the opacity she
specifies.'. Since the selection needs to be preserved, I'd need to do
that at the start (selection->save); and before painting, load it back
in (channels dialog, rightclick on saved channel,  channel to

You should also be aware that the behaviour of Gaussian blur may not
be exactly the same in this situation. Experiment.
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