>    Hi, trying to revamp my website without photoshop on my imac. I'm
> trying to figure out why mac's Preview and gimp show images and image
> sizes differently. I changed the image size in gimp to 360pixels wide
> which should be 5" but when I print from Safari on a new web page I
> created for it, it was much smaller.
>    I was also trying to test print a few images only to discover that
> print isn't available in gimp. I thought CMYK should only be an issue
> on higher-end printers or for film separations. If others are printing
> from the Gimp, please tell me how.

There is a chance your imac had a dpi setting of 95 dpi (or there abouts)
and your gimp setting was 72 dpi (or there abouts) so it would have come
out 72/95  smaller


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