I'm proud to present the last gimpgallery release, 0.8.
You find it at http://test.gimpgallery.net

As you may already know gimpgallery is a project of a gimp website
especially meant to host and show images and to share xcf sources too.
It is the first attempt to create a community of gimp artists, giving
them a suitable space for their works, projects and ideas.
Gimpgallery is made with drupal, the well known opensource cms and we
started developing it from inkscapegallery (http://inkscapegallery.net).
It was already a good social network software, with most of the features
you're getting used to but we worked a lot to make it even better.
This new release presents many improvements since the last announce and
a better cross browsing. We're supporting firefox 2, opera 9x, ie7 and
ie6 (there are a couple of disclaimer for ie users). There's an issue
with konqueror, instead, due to a javascript not supporting it.
We fixed a lot of issues with internet explorer, as you may see on the
"random gallery" at http://test.gimpgallery.net/slideshow

If you're a gimp user try it out, every gimp artist now has its own
profile, gallery and slideshow
We made a new home page (http://test.gimpgallery/home) and we are
trying to make things work like we wish to.
gimpgallery is an image gallery website, it doesn't produce news or
tutorials, so we took some rss feeds from the best internet resources
about gimp and we placed in the home page, giving infos and links.

Indeed, we're trying to build a network of gimp websites, everyone with
its own attitude, so we will link gimptutorials.net for didactics,
gimp.org  and gimpusers.com for the news and we would like them to link
us when a user will look for images.
In the home page you see an arrangement for a new feature, an
interview with a gimp artist that we might change every week or
something like that, it is called "a few words with..."

There's a fully customized submission and registration skin, that is
quite new in the drupal world. We must test it so we hope you to help us
registering and posting many contents. We have the forum where to inform
us about bugs or software's bad behaviors  .

I don't want to annoy you with a long description (even because there
would be too much to say :-) i just ask you to spend ten minutes of
your time to browse it and i ask you to do this deeply, because there's
a lot to see.
Don't mind the images actually, 'cause we have only a few images really
coming from gimp artists, some others come from inkscapegallery and they
stand only for test.
I hope you to like it as it is, but we still have the chance to make
some changes it the layout, we focused on features actually and we hope
them to really meet the requirements.

As soon as we have enough images we will bring it online at its own
address: http://gimpgallery.net  and i think it will be funny :-)

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