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> Hi,
> When on vacation I often do this:
> - import an image of a map (download, digital photo)
> - enhance it until satisfactory
> - create a new layer
> - place a series of dots denoting a route
> I often discover after placing a whole lot of dots that I forgot to
> create the new layer first. Using undo, I go back to the pristine
> state. I can then redo the history to get the dots back. However, I
> cannot redo the paints anymore after creating a layer.
> Is there a way to accomplish this?

You can try this:

starting from the drawed image:
redo all up to have all dots drawed.
select all.
paste as new image
undo up to pristine state before drawing dots but after the
select all (you will not be able anymore to redo)

in the new image:
duplicate the layer (as this you have a backup of the dots)
hide the duplicate
add a new layer
import the pristine state into it -> paste
duplicate it and hide the duplicate (you will need later)
raise the visible drawed layer to top.
set mode in the drawed layer to 
   divide if the dots are not white or black.
   else to grain extract.
flat visible layers. (drawed and pristine)
color to alpha (white if there was divide or grey if grain extract)
if grain extract select by color transparent, invert selection and fill
the dots with original color
set the duplicate of pristine layer visible and down it.

Hope this helps

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