On Thursday 12 June 2008, Helen wrote:
> -I thought that with Gimp, one could save a layer as a new file,
> new picture.
> But when I click on the layer that I want to save as a separate
> picture, I don't
> see that option.
> I went googling for this before asking here, and I found a place
> that says you can add
> a plugin for this, but I don't know how to add plugins.
> So, do you knkow of a way I can just take a layer and turn it into
> a separate file?
> I'm using Gimp 2.2.10, and have already ordered SuSE 11, which will
> come with
> the latest gimp.

Hi Helen -

This discussion is exactly going on the developer list right now! 
The feature is tehre, but it is imossible to find. If you tell gimp 
to "save as", select a single-layered file format (like.png or .jpg), 
gimp will pop a dialog warningyoiu the image willbe merged or 
flattened, giving you a choice to "ignore". I fyou coose 
that("ignore"), teh active layer is saved.

There is no feedback to this, and it is indeed starnge. The way I 
prefer toing it is: 
 - pop up teh layers dialog
 - drag the desired laer thumbnail to the toolbox
        (gimp then creates a new image which content is the dropped 
  - save this new image file
  - close it.


> Thanks much for any advice.
> using Linux, SuSE 10,

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