I announced a few days ago the 0.8 release of gimpgallery 
That was meant to show you our work and to ask you to participate 
registering, testing, and publishing images.

But we had problems with our provider who broke our ability to send 
emails and I'm sorry for those who registered in gimpgallery in the past 
days :-[
Many users registered but didn't receive the confirmation email due to 
this problem. :-(

Now everything is working fine :-) , i've sent an email to give 
temporary passwords and i wanted to reassure other gimpers and invite 
them to join us at http://test.gimpgallery.net
We have some new gimp made images and i'm giving a thank to those who 
published but we still need to add many more images before to release 
gimpgallery officially.

So, take a tour in gimpgallery and if you like it ( as you will  ;-) ) 
register to post images, animations and much more.

Thank you
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