On Thursday 26 June 2008, Cristian Secară wrote:
> After a system reinstall (HDD change) on my HP nc8230 notebook, GIMP
> was starting painfully slow, almost bloking itself at Fonts-something
> startup splash screen. This was something new for me, as in the
> previous WinXP system install GIMP started almost immediately.
> Searching a bit I noticed that this happens to be a common issue on many
> Windows systems, where some have mentioned something about GTK+.
> This pointed me to the question - what was different in my previous
> system install related to GTK+ ? Answer - two more GTK+ applications
> (except for Sylpheed, which does not matter for the subject), Pidgin and
> GPA. So I installed Pidgin (2.4.2), et voilà, GIMP now starts
> immediately !
> So who knows, maybe this info can be of some help for others too ...
> (and perhaps for GIMP developers too :)
> Cristi

Have you tried starting GIMP twice without Pidgin installed?  It could simply 
be that the very first start time takes very long for GIMP because it 
registers/ cashes all the available fonts and then only has to check for 
changes on the second and all subsequent starts.


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