I've an unusual problem.  When I open and image (say xcf) then select 
'Save As', change the extension to png in the 'Save Image' dialog, click 
'Save' and don't touch the PNG settings in the 'Save as PNG' dialog, the 
image saves fine and I can repeat the process over and over--until I 
change PNG properties.  Once I've changed a PNG property (compression 
ratio for instance) the image saves, but the next time I select 'Save As' 
the 'Save Image' dialog shows up blank--no widgets.  I can still close 
the dialog and GIMP works fine.  If I close the image and open it again, 
I can 'Save As' again but only once--the PNG properties are retained from 
the previous save.  If I close GIMP the same happens every-time.  I can 
'Save As' as many times as I want, until I change PNG properties.  If I 
open a second image, even if the 'Save Image' dialog shows up blank for 
the first, I can 'Save As' as many times as I want until I change PNG 

When it comes to other formats however (JPEG, PCX, XPM, XBM) I can 'Save 
As' only once regardless of whether or not I change image properties.  
Although, unlike with PNGs, if I close the image then reopen it I can 
'Save As' once again, but only once.  To save PNGs using 'Save As' I need 
to restart GIMP.

I'm running GIMP version 2.4.5 on Xubuntu 8.04, kernel 2.6.24-19.

There is a similar bug on Bugzilla where the GTK file chooser dialog 
crashes when using network directories.  Could this be part of it, or 
something different?  I'm not using network directories. 


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