On Tue, 2008-07-08 at 09:56 -0600, ChadDavis wrote:
> I've got a rectangle selection.  Now, I am trying to do a subtractive
> selection within that rectangular selection, to make a sort of picture
> frame selection.  The problem is that I'm having trouble getting the
> inner, substractive selection centered within the first rectangle.  

Very common procedure (making a frame).  I use this method to make an
antialiased line around things:

1. Create a rectangular selection.
2. Fill with color
3. Shrink selection by X pixels (where x is the width of the border you
4. Cut selection (or fill with background color, etc.).

Alternatively, use the Tool Options dialog for the selection tool and
set the Size and Position fields manually for the second selection.  The
first method works for small width borders but because shrink will
slowly round the corners it doesn't work well for larger width borders.
The second method works perfectly for all width borders.
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