On Wednesday 09 July 2008, Helen wrote:
> I'm re-installing my OS (Linux, SuSE11) and I want to make sure I
> don't lose the
> Gimp brushes I've created.
> Can anyone tell me what file I should back up, to make sure I get
> all the brushes?
> This is version 2.2.10 of Gimp.
> Thanks much,
> Helen

All your personnal gimp stuff is under ~/.gimp-2.2   
If you carry around your whole home dir, that would do it. (please, 
note the "." )

Gimp 2.4 when running for the first time will look for a .gimp-2.2 
directory in your home dir and offer to import things from there. If 
there is no .gimp-2.2 it will create an empty .gimp-2.4 - but then 
you can just move your files in there


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