Will SuSE11 support Bamboo?  I bought the medium Bamboo, the $130 model,but
I dont' see a model number on the box.  When I go to YAST, install hardware,

tablet properties, Wacom, and then it opens up to give me four Wacom
choises:   Graphire serial or usb, and Intuos serial and usb.
There is no option for Bamboo.
Should I chose one of those?

Also, do I need the installation disks?  The disks say for mac or windows
(of course).

Thanks for help,
Helen, using LInux, SuSE11, Gimp 2.4

On Mon, Jul 14, 2008 at 8:05 PM, Flávio Pontes <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

>  Definitely a Wacom.
> If you have a purse fat enough go for an Intuos2, else get a Bamboo.
> I own a 6"x11" Intuos3 and it work fine with GIMP.
> I'd like better control in GIMP over the pressure sensitivity and other
> tablet features, though.
> Em Sáb, 2008-07-12 às 07:48 -0400, Helen escreveu:
> I have successfully installed SuSE11, and now I'm looking for a digital
> pen/tablet that works with gimp.
> Does anyone have a recommendation (or a disrecommendation) for a
> brand/model that works well
> with Gimp?
> I don't need the most expensive model, but I do want one that is good
> quality and will get along
> nicely with Linux, SuSE11, and Gimp 2.4.
> Thanks much!
> Helen
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