On Thu, 2008-07-17 at 16:52 +1000, Hedley Finger wrote:
> I know just enough about colour management to get myself into trouble.
> On Gimp 2.4.6, there are now some new options under the Image > Mode >
> menu path, namely 
> @   Assign to Color Profile // Actually uses Little CMS (lcms)
> @   Convert to Color Profile // Actually uses Little CMS (lcms)
> @   Assign colorspace  // Hmmm, should be 'Color Space' for niceness?
> @   Convert colorspace  // Likewise!

If you see four options there, then you have installed some additional
third-party plug-ins for color management that you should not need with
GIMP 2.4. It's probably best to get rid of those extra plug-in(s).


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