> Akkana writes:

 > It's a fairly well known problem, at least among people who maintain
> both a locally built gimp and the one installed from their distro.
> The current 2.5 release notes have a reasonable description of what's
> happening (which also apply to gimpshop or any version of gimp you
> might want to build yourself while still keeping a system-installed
> version), and how to fix it:
> http://www.gimp.org/release-notes/gimp-2.5.html
> (scroll down to "Installation").
> Whoever builds that gimpshop packageshould probably be doing this,
> though maybe they just assume that no one would ever want both gimp
> and gimpshop on the same system (but in that case, it should be
> marked as a conflict in the package dependencies, as you say).
> Failing that, you could probably fix it by moving all the gimpshop
> stuff to some other place and using a script like the one in the
> 2.5 release notes.

Thanks for the info.  And yes I figured out it is a Library Paths problem.  

I ran the Ubuntu Hardy Heron LiveCD (which comes with Gimp 2.4.5).  I ran in 
terminal the following:

ldd `which gimp-2.4`

and looked at where Gimp 2.4.5 was getting its libraries.  It was getting ALL 
of them from /usr/lib and /lib.

Then I installed gimpshop and ran "ldconfig".  Running "ldconfig" broke the 
Gimp but gimpshop still ran.  I ran "ldd `which gimp-2.4` and saw that the Gimp 
2.4.5 was now getting some of its libraries from /usr/local/lib (where Gimpshop 
stored its libraries).  

This is really not surprising since "/usr/local/lib" is in the 
/etc/ld.so.conf.d/libc.conf file.  It looks like ldconfig builds its library 
cache FIRST from all of the libraries listed in the /etc/ld.so.conf/*.conf 
files and then from /lib and /usr/lib.  

It is probably NOT adviable to remove /usr/local/lib from the 
/etc/ld.so.conf.d/libc.conf file since that might break other applications.  
But you can force Ubuntu to load the /lib and /usr/lib libraries FIRST (ie 
BEFORE the libraries in /usr/local/lib are loaded) when running the Gimp 2.4.5 
by doing the following:

LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/lib  /usr/bin/gimp

Now the gimp 2.4.5 runs fine.  

The Gimp web page ( http://www.gimp.org/release-notes/gimp-2.5.html ) 
recommends that one creates a startup script where LD_LIBRARY_PATH is FIRST 
EXPORTED before a version of the Gimp is run.  But I am nervous about exporting 
a variable that would cause Ubuntu to FIRST load libraries in /usr/lib and then 
load libraries in /usr/local/lib.  That might break some other applications if 
they are run after the Gimp is run in this startup script.

Does anyone know whether the failure to export LD_LIBRARY_PATH (as shown above) 
will cause any problems trying to run the Gimp 2.4.5?

It does not seem to cause any problems.  At least the Gimp 2.4.5 runs now.

P.S.  Perhaps the best way is to recompile Gimpshop and tell the compiler to 
store its libraries in a different location such as /usr/local/gimplibs.  And 
then do run the following to get gimpshop working:

LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/local/gimplibs   /usr/local/bin/gimp

Or Perhaps I don't even need to recompile.  Just more the libs onto 


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