On Saturday 09 August 2008, Doug wrote:
> Is it possible to get  the resynthesizer plug-in to work with Gimp-2.4.5?
> I've downloaded resynthesizer-0.16.tar.gz onto my system ; but found
> installing  it requires gimptool-2.0, and gimptool will require
> libgimp2.0-devel. Would installing libgimp2.0-devel screw up Gimp 2.4.5?

If both GIMP and libgimp-devel are provided by Mandriva, they should go along 
perfectly fine.  Also, the worst thing that could happen is that things you 
compile with one libgimp don't work together with GIMP in another version.  
As long as you don't recompile GIMP yourself (or any of its runtime 
dependencies, like gtk+ or glib), you're pretty much on the safe side.


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