D.Jones (aka) Capnhud wrote:

> Would it be possilbe for someone to build the Focus Blur 
> <http://sudakyo.hp.infoseek.co.jp/gimp/fblur/focusblur_e.html 
> binary for Windows?

Michael Schumacher <wrote>

I've just built it, and I'll upload it to the GIMP registry 
(http://registry.gimp.org), where all plug-ins should reside - local 
copies on someones site are ok, but one central place will help users 
greatly. And please do provide references back to the original sites.

About time I'll update all the other binaries as well.

For the moment, Focus Blur has been built without FFTW3 (because I 
haven't FFTW3 lying around), so it will be slow.


P.S. can we please stop using HTML on this list, and have proper 
quotation in replies? Thanks.

Thanks Michael I really do appreciate this.

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