I have a photo that I must to change so so the maximum Image File Size
will be 62,500 bytes, the 'Image Resolution' must be 320 pixels high
by 240 pixels wide, and the Image Color Depth must be 24-bit color.

The Image is in JPG format now, and has 2128 pixels width, 2832 pixels
hight, X-Resolution 72,000 pixels/inch and Y-Resolution 72,000
pixels/inch in the Gimp. 

The 'Image Resolution' abowe meant that that I must to change in Gimp
the Image width to 240 pixels and hight to 320 pixels, right?

The 'Image Resolution' has nothing to do with X-Resolution and
Y-Resolution, right?

How can I know whether the Image has Color Depth 24-bit color?

Any advices will be appreciated!

Regards, Paul Csanyi

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