> magicapn-fb at yahoo.com wrote:
> > OK, so Gimp2.0 is all that I see available in Fink on Leopard.  But when I 
> > go to the gimp.org site, the only documentation is for 2.2 and 2.4.  When I 
> > google 
> > Gimp2.0, I get redirected to the 2.2 documentation.  I must be missing
> > something, but what?
> >
> GIMP 2.0 is over 4 years old. Are you sure about the version? Enter
> gimp -v
> in a terminal. What is the output?

Hi Jon,

Thanks for the quick reply.  Here you go:

pythia:barrie$ /sw/bin/gimp-2.0 -v
GIMP version 2.0.6

(Apologies for the format of this message; I'm reading from the archives as I 
misguidedly chose digest mode when subscribing).


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