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> "The image dsc_0043.jpg has an embedded color profile.
> sRGB.
> convert the image to the RGB working space?"

> What does this mean?  What did I do to cause it?
> Is it something important that I need to deal with?

You didn't cause it.  The tool used to create the image caused it, such
as a camera or scanner.

The message means that the image file has some information in it that
describes the device that it came from.  By converting it to GIMPs
working color space you can accurately see what the image colors look
like as it was recorded by that device.  This assumes you have a monitor
profile correctly set for your monitor, however.

In general, if you don't know about color profiles you can just say
"yes" to convert it and then forget about it.   Profiles are only
relevant to those who are keenly interested in exact color reproduction
between an input device (camera, scanner, etc.) and an output device
(monitor, printer, etc.).  The average person at home probably won't
notice much or probably care that much if the colors are a little off.

If you want to learn more about color profiles you can start with the
Color Management section of the Preferences dialog.  Profiles are a way
of making sure the color reproduction is accurate from the device that
acquires the image to the tool that edits the image to the device that
outputs the image. The accuracy suffers without color profiles because
color is a function of heat (I'm simplifying greatly here) and you have
to understand the devices that input or output the image to make sure
they are doing it the same way.

I'm actually writing an article about this topic (and printing in
general with Linux and GIMP) for Linux Format magazine at the moment for
issue 112 (not sure when that comes out).  Linux Format is a UK magazine
and the US gets copies a couple months after they print in the UK.

Hope that helps.
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