GIMP 2.4.7 is a bug-fix release in the stable 2.4 series. The source can
be downloaded from Binary packages should become available
soon; please check the Downloads section on

Changes in GIMP 2.4.7

- fixed issue in GIF load plug-in (bug #535888)
- fixed event handling in MIDI controller (bug #537960)
- fixed handling of the 'Highlight' tool option in Crop and Rectangle
  Select tools (bug #536582)
- various fixes to the Python bindings:
  - fixed crash with Python 2.5 on 64 bit systems (bug #540629)
  - added missing validity checks (bug #536403)
  - allow to pass None for PDB_DISPLAY
- plugged a memory leak in gimp-text-get-extents-fontname PDB call
- fixed potential timeout issues in org.gimp.GIMP.UI D-Bus service
- fixed endianness issue in the ICO save plug-in (bug #529629)
- translation fixes and updates (be, it, lt, nn, vi)


   Sven Neumann, Michael Natterer, Martin Nordholts, Manish Singh,
   Lars-Peter Clausen, Rik Snel, S. Fielding, Joao S. O. Bueno,
   Aurimas Juška

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