Hi Michael,

Sorry about the delay in responding;  I've been away from the keyboard for the 
last few days.

> There seem to be 2.4.5 packages:
> http://pdb.finkproject.org/pdb/package.php/gimp2

Thank you--yes, I don't think 2.0 has that feature.  I noticed a thread right 
before mine in the archives where someone recommended a binary version of Gimp 
2.4.5 that runs on Leopard (Mac OS X 10.5.4) and doesn't require Fink.  I 
installed that and am now up and running with photocopy filter.

> Don't know which of them is Leopard (please use the version numbers instead 
> of 
> the code names), though.

I can see how that would be confusing--sorry about that. See version # above.

Thanks so much!  This community is a wonderful resource and I really appreciate 

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