Gene Heskett writes:
> I'm back again, trying to crop an image, again, yet, still.
> I can cut and cut and cut till I have what I want, but not even the zealous 
> crop will get rid of the image area cut, it is still part of the image even 
[ ... ]
> Darnit, I want to see the crosshatch indicating no data at all exists in that 
> area once I have selected it and cut it away.  If I can do it in the darkroom 

I'm not understanding you any more than the other two people
who have already replied, but I have a couple of guesses:

First, the magic word for "crosshatch indicating no data at all
exists" is "transparent" or "alpha" (never mind why "alpha" means
"transparent"; remembering it will make a lot of other things
easier). If you're cutting things out of an image and getting
white (or some other color) when you wanted to see the grey
checkerboard pattern, that means your image doesn't have an
"alpha channel" (in other words, it doesn't allow transparency).
Add one with Layer->Transparency->Add Alpha Channel. If that's
greyed out, then you already have an alpha channel and that's
not the problem.

Second, though you're saying "crop" I get the impression you might
actually be trying to select stuff and clear it (make it
transparent). Crop is when you start with a big image (e.g.
800x600), and you want to take only some rectangular portion of it,
to make a smaller but still rectangular image.

If you're trying to end up with a shape that's not rectangular --
e.g. cut away all the white area around some central object to
make everything transparent except the object -- then crop is not
what you want. In that case, what you want is to select the part
you want to cut away and do Edit->Clear (which will make it
transparent *if* your image already has an alpha channel, otherwise
it will just make it whatever background color you have set).
Alternately, select just the object you want, and do Edit->Copy
so you can paste it somewhere else.

If none of us has guessed right about what you're trying to do
and you're still frustrated, try telling us what sort of image
you're starting with and explaining the steps you *are*
following, what happens and what you expected to happen.
That might clear things up.

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