>Aaaarg! Why did you do this?

I have seen the necessity of this because I sometimes want to answer
some mails on the lists, but it's all complicated and time-intensive.
Subscribing to the list itself, creating rules in the mail client that
move the messages into appropriate folders, mark them as read
automatically; the whole thing is not available from anywhere if you
don't have an IMAP mailbox etc. etc. So I thought this was a good

I also saw that other people used Gmane for this purpose (there you
also can read/post to lists via Web) but it wasn't that comfortable
and GIMP specific.

So - Why not?

Please also note that only messages to gimp-user, gimpwin-users and
gimp-web can be posted via gimpusers. All other lists are read-only.

Richard H.
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