On Fri, 2008-09-26 at 01:36 +0800, Tsai, Dung-Bang (蔡東邦) wrote:
> I'm using gimp to deal with my photos which are made of  DSLR.
> These ttif files have embedded exif information, and every time I save
> these files; it seems that the exif information will be stripped.
> I have done some tests on jpeg files; gimp will not strip the exif 
> information.
> How can I correctly deal with the exif in tiff by using gimp?

I can't say if the TIFF file plugin supports this or not but there are
some options on how to deal with the situation if it doesn't.  First,
load the TIFF images and then save them in JPEG at 100% quality.
Technically that should be equivalent to TIFF since no compression is
performed but I can't guarantee that.

To convert back to TIFF you can use ImageMagick's convert tool.
According to this discussion:
convert will retain EXIF data.  This is true as long as you're simply
converting formats and not resizing (such as creating thumbnails).
Converting file formats is as simple as

convert file.jpg file.tif

> By the way, if I save these tiff images as another files, will gimp
> also strip the icc profile?
> (ps, will gimp strip the icc profile in jpeg?)

I looked at using ICC profiles last month in an article I did for Linux
Format magazine but I don't think I checked if the profiles were
retained when saved.  I think I assumed (bad idea) that they were.
You'll simply have to try it and see.  GIMP does support retaining ICC
profiles when you open files that contain them.  You're typically
queried when you open the file if you want to keep it over convert it to
GIMP's built in profile.

> When will the gimp support the 16bit per channel color depth?

When it's ready.  :-)  

Actually, integration of the GEGL libraries is underway and a first
release with GEGL support is due in the next release (due out "soon" but
one can never assume when soon might arrive).  I don't know if 16 bit
channels are to be included in the next release (though I don't believe
they are), but one of the purposes of integrating GEGL was to allow for
higher color depths.  So it should be in either the next release or one
of the releases soon after that.
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