On Fri, 2008-09-26 at 01:36 +0800, Tsai, Dung-Bang (蔡東邦) wrote:

> I'm using gimp to deal with my photos which are made of  DSLR.
> These ttif files have embedded exif information, and every time I save
> these files; it seems that the exif information will be stripped.

The GIMP TIFF plug-in lacks support for Exif information. It should not
be too difficult to add basic support to it. Basic means that the TIFF
loader attaches the Exif information to the image and the TIFF writer
writes any attached Exif data back to the file. If this is important for
you, then I suggest that you add this functionality to the TIFF plug-in.
If you need help, feel free to ask technical questions on the
gimp-developer mailing-list.

> I have done some tests on jpeg files; gimp will not strip the exif 
> information.

That is correct. The JPEG plug-in has the functionality that is missing
in the TIFF plug-in. I suggest that you have a look at the source code
of the JPEG plug-in to find out how the JPEG plug-in deals with Exif.
The TIFF plug-in should do something similar.

> By the way, if I save these tiff images as another files, will gimp
> also strip the icc profile?
> (ps, will gimp strip the icc profile in jpeg?)

No, if I remember correctly, both plug-ins read and write ICC profiles.


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