On Sun, Sep 28, 2008 at 9:48 PM, Justyn Butler
> Thank you both for your tips.
> I wasn't actually paying attention to the antialiasing/feather options
> so it is useful to know to keep them unchecked when performing this
> procedure.
> To David: The steps you describe don't seem to help with my specific
> problem of flattening against a background image because Threshold
> Alpha seems to only work with a solid black background.
Oops, what i said is impossible to perform correctly..
I've tried to find an alternate, and concluded that the best way to do
this is by making a simple plugin that will do it in one keypress for

In the mean time, here is an alternative method which I've tested:

 1) Alpha to selection
 2) Activate Qmask mode (I normally bind a keyboard shortcut to this;
if you mouse to it you activate it by clicking on the dotted red
rectangle in the bottom left of an image window.
 3) Threshold (1..255)
 4) Exit qmask mode
 5) 'Invert selection', 'Merge Visible', 'Edit->Clear'

And here is another alternative:
1) Add a layer mask,  choose 'transfer alpha'
2) Copy Visible
3) Select layer content (ie. not layer mask), paste into it.
4) Select layer mask (ie. not layer content; the thumbnail that
appears to the right of the normal layer content thumbnail), apply
'threshold' (1..255)
5) Delete background layer

I've tested that one too, and I think it may be faster than your current method.

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