I have problems setting up a Wacom tablet on a xinerama dualscreen.

The issue is that even if I "lock" the tablet on a single screen with
the command "xsetwacom set stylus Screen_No 0" any graphic application
(gimp, inkscape and krita for example) still moves the cursor as if it
were moving along both screens. I am not the only one with this
problem and there is a video displaying this behaviour here :

Now, i know the problem is rather in the Xinerama than GIMP. However
I'd like to know whether there is a way to "lock" gimp only to one
screen so it will think there is only one screen. Or if there is a way
to force the brush to be always on the cursor position. Note that I
don't want to use both screens for gimp.

Any other solutions are welcome, thank you in advance

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