I'm sure this gets asked a lot, but I have spent the better part of
today trying to figure out a reason why this is so, so I thought I would
ask. Any informaiton, or even directing me to resources on the web would
be very helpful.

What I'm having troubles with right now is that I have been given an EPS
file from a graphics company that contains a Logo. The image has been
saved with (apparently) CMYK formated colors. The issue is that the CMYK
representation they say should give the desired RGB formated colors is
not actually doing this. What I get is distinctly not what they
indicated it should be. I have now tried 7 different applications to
convert this image correctly (not Illustrator or Photoshop as I don't
have access to these). In all cases I get the same rendering of the
image. To help illustrate the problem see the image located:


The question I have is, why does adobe illustrator apparently display
the correct colors and GIMP and the other applications show an incorrect
representation? As a follwo up, is there a way to get the correct
representation to be rendered? I'm even willing to modify the eps file
manually by hand to acheive this.

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