>> On Wednesday 01 October 2008 02:56:41 pm Sven Neumann wrote:
>>> Finally we have done it and released version 2.6.0 of the GNU Image
> Manipulation Program. The changes from version 2.4 are best
>>> described in the release notes on
>>>   http://gimp.org/release-notes/gimp-2.6.html
>> I note in the explanation that there is no mention of using CMYK
> color
>> model, beyond what is already available in the preview feature.  Is
> manipulation in the CMYK model in the works for some time in the
> future?  Does the move to GEGL smooth the path to CMYK in some way?
> Have you tried this with 2.6?
> http://www.blackfiveservices.co.uk/separate.shtml

To answer my own question, I downloaded the plug-in from


and it seems to function with 2.6 ok


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