> It should be uploaded to http://registry.gimp.org. Finding
> it on gimptalk - even if you know that it is supposed to be
> mentioned there - wasn't exactly straight-forward for me
> (only found a reply to the original announcement by
> searching for "cursor") :)

Correct but i'm not the author of the plugin,i do not even use it
i just remembered was one available and few keyword to help to search it

but is right that will be better if listed in the registry

So i will upload the binary on my resource page on devianart ( 
http://photocomix_resurces/deviantart.com ) that may provide a easier  download 
for windows users and then post a plugin description and downlad links link in 
the registry soon.

I was just doing the same for other 5 plugins 

( some because in the registry is missed or  link for the windows version, 
others because are just no listed in the registry .


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