What tutorial are you using to crop your image? Can you give me a link or URL
to it? Here is the method that I use to crop an image (by crop I assume you
mean remove parts of the image and resize/reshape the image to the part that
you kept.)

1. Click on the selection tool of your choice.
2. Select an area on your image that you would like to crop the image down
3. Copy the part of the image you are keeping by pressing Ctrl+C or using the
Edit menu (then click on Copy)
4. Right click on the image and go to the Edit menu again, then click on
Paste as > New Image

Now you will have the cropped image in a new frame and you can save it. I
don't think that I've ever used any cropping tools or scripts in the GIMP, so
I don't really know about them. In my mind though, the ideal should be: "Do
things the simplest way that you can possibly think of".

Hope that helps, and if you could tell me more about the tutorial you are
using, then I might be able to help more.


>I am following the help instructions to crop an image, i do everything fine
>until it says, a little crop and resize information dialog box pops up,
>telling you information about the borders that where defined, but i do not
>this when i have croped the image
>When i do press the help button, and go to "crop an image" i do not get
>box coming up , as it shows you on the help page.
>I am a complete beginner and  probably doing something wrong
>can anyone help
>windows xp,  gimp 2.6.0

Nathan L.
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