On Wed, Oct 8, 2008 at 8:26 PM, Hedley Finger
> Can anybody point me to a Gimp plug-in or external utility that can
> convert *.ase swatch files from Adobe Kuler to Gimp *.gpl files please?
> I have googled until I am begoggled but can't find anything.
> 'Course, I could just use an eyedropper on the Kuler web page but that
> is not the hacker's way -- if there is a non-obvious more difficult way,
> that's the one to use!   8^)

I made the plugin bit more friendly and uploaded it to the registry:

Still only works with Kuler palettes - it will probably choke on
palettes from Photoshop, AI, etc.  Good news is that *all* Kuler
palettes appear to be saved as RGB, so the colors translate straight
into GIMP.

Tested with 2.7 (svn) on Ubuntu and 2.6.1 on Win XP.  If anyone can
test on OS X that would be great.

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