On Sat, Oct 11, 2008 at 6:53 AM, Hedley Finger
> Chris Mohler wrote:
>> I made the plugin bit more friendly and uploaded it to the registry:
>> http://registry.gimp.org/node/10325
> I installed the script from the link above into <C:\Documents and
> Settings\Hedley Finger\.gimp-2.6\plug-ins>, right?  But when Gimp is
> launched there is no menu path <Filters->Import ASE palette...> -- or has it
> moved.  I couldn't find anything by banging around the menus.
> Is this still the case (no 'gimp_folder' assignment in current version of
> script):
>        If you are not using GIMP from current svn, you need to change the
> 'gimp_folder'
>        variable at the top of the file to match your .gimp folder.
> Any clues as to why I can't get it to work?  I have Gimp 2.6.1.

As Kevin mentioned, you do need python installed.  I also moved the
filter to the palettes menu - so click on the small "arrow" in t the
palettes dock, then go to 'Palettes Menu' and it should show up there.
 I cleaned up the part about the folder - it's no longer necc. to edit
the file.

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