> I think all three of the packages have later versions since
> you created 
> the ZIP so I got them. With Gimp closed I installed the two
> I was 
> missing (pycairo-1.4.12-1, pygobject-2.14.1-1) and
> restarted GIMP. 
> Python-Fu showed up this time :-)
> No reboots were necessary.

i just check and all packages have newer version but then some newer versions 
are incompatible.

as example is required python 2.5 with last python 2.6 Pyobject refuse to 

so at least for python is required a not updated version

 i am busy to install on my pc and see what may be updated maybe only the 3 py 

about the need to reboot i stressed the point because apparently solved several 
cases of failed installation

about reboot i am not sure if the case to remove that advice

2 reboots may be a nuisance but not as be puzzled to failed install, unistall 
everything,clean up unistall leftover , download again checking  the 
..and fail again ..again same  no Python option to select in Gimp custom 
install dialog

then even if may be not strictly needed that added reboot steps solved 3 on 
total of 3 of this cases, after everything else failed to solve.

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