There's some kind of a problem with the copy/paste function with v2.6.1.
(didn't have the problem with v2.4)  I can "copy" an image from Gimp to
IrfanView but not to XnView, a problem I didn't have in the past. I also was
unable to paste an image from Gimp into Word 2003.   

>Hi Carl, People tell me to just "copy" then paste but I didn't mention I am

>trying to 'paste' to WORD 2003 and it won't do it, it will copy to XL 2003 
>and I know I can, "make a plan" but I still would have preferred to have 
>done it the way I have been doing it for 2 yrs. I am using XP SP3.
>I just thought one of you guys out there would  say....click this, click 
>that and bob's your uncle.
>cheers, Terry
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