>it's a pain if the Mac OS X support team changes the website and the
>download URLs every once in a while. It would be really nice if the
>Apple users could get their act together and provide a single place that
>provides information and downloads for GIMP on Mac OS X.

sorry for the pain with the current situation of Gimp on Macs. It's a pitty
that it just came to this situation. I don't want to recall the discussions on
wilber-loves-apple, but as I'm one of the developers who did most of the
initial way how Gimp was built on WLA, the project is somehow still
continuing, despite the new URL... 

>We can't even link to your website as it seems to only provide
>information in German?! What about moving your packages to
>wilber-loves-apple.org instead of duplicating that effort?

As I never wanted to take over the lead role in providing packages in the
first place, the page started as a small site, documenting my efforts. Now, as
WLA seems to be down, I'll try to translate the pages. I can drop you a line
when it's done.

Again, sorry, for all the circumstances.

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