It seems to be not possible to write such a script.

I use debian. I do not have gimptool installed, which is part of 
libgimp2.0-dev, which is not installed on my system.
According to documentation gimptool is required for 
adding gimp scripts.
I asked synaptic, to install it; synaptic says, at least 40 packages
had to be deinstalled and reinstalled for this, including
kdelibs4-dev and kde-sdk.
I am worried to get my complete system down due to this 
package, therefore I think, it will be not possible,
to write that gimp script.

What do you think?

Thanks, eleonora

On Tue, 2008-10-14 at 07:54 +0200, ge wrote:

> 1. select image part using rectangle, ctrl c for put into clipboard
> 2. insert as new picture (menu, second from left)
> 3. ctrl-s  (save as gif, enter name: name.gif )
> 4. answer export with yes
> 5. answer save as gif with yes.

Why don't you write yourself a simple script that does steps 2 to 5 and
only asks for the filename? Should be doable in a few lines of Python or


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