bhaaluu ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote (in part)  (on 2008-10-18 at 11:20):
 I am running a Debian GNU/Linux 'Etch' distribution with The Gimp

Can you upgrade to Gimp 2.6.1? - Following probably works with Gimp 2.2 but I don't have it anymore.

 Next, I need to know how to actually implement the Onionskin feature.

I don't know anything about Onionskin (or much about GAP either) ...

 I currently have a 62-frame scene that I'd like to work with. Each
 frame came off the scanner as a PNM image file. I've already rotated
 and cropped all the images, using ImageMagick and the bash shell
 scripting language.

 Is there any way of batch coverting all the PNM
 files to XFC files without opening each one of them and saving it to
 an XCF file? ImageMagick's 'convert' tool doesn't recognize XCF image

In Gimp 2.6.1 (in Windows - I assume its the same in Linux) just open an image of the same size as your PNM files. In your Explorer equivalent in Linux select all 62 images, drag them as a group to the toolbox with the Layers dialog shown and drop.

Result should be 63 layers (lowest the background) and above that the 62 PNM images named to match. Delete the lowest one.

From there you can (for example) save as a GIF file with 62 frames or (I presume) do anything else you want to do with GAP-onionskin.

If you really want them saved as separate files ... this thread looks on-point (found with Google: [gimp save layers as files]

Regards ... Alec   ([EMAIL PROTECTED] & WinLiveMess - [EMAIL PROTECTED])

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