Ernie Wright ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> I don't get *any* antialiasing when I stroke elliptical selections.
> Antialiasing is checked in the tool attributes of the Ellipse Select
> tool.  It's also checked in the Choose Stroke Style dialog.
> Fills antialias just fine.  I also get an antialiased line if I convert
> the selection to a path and then stroke the path.  See
> I haven't seen this discussed anywhere, which is normally a clue that
> I'm doing something wrong, but I can't imagine what it might be.

You're not doing anything wrong and we know about this effect. Gimp
doesn't do anything wrong either, it just does something the user does
not expect it to do.

The effect is discussed in bug #50730
( ). I played around
with the code in question in 2003 (see comments #15 and #16) but did not
come up with a real solution. The underlying problem is, that the
selection boundary you're stroking is made up of lots of horizontal and
vertical segments - the ones you see when zooming into the image and
watching the marching ants.

Stroking it with the method you choose results in a lot of faithfully
rendered edges, which happen to mirror the original pixels and looks
like not-existing antialiasing.

Converting the selection to a path intentionally drops these little
horizontal/vertical segments and approximates them with a smooth bezier
curve and suddenly the whole problem disappears.

A proper fix probably would need a different approach on how we handle
the selection, but this part of the discussion should happen on

I hope this helps,

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