I'm not really a big/fanciful user of GIMP, but have found it extremely
useful on the odd occasion.  One such was when I needed to create a set
of buttons for a virtual instrument, 4-5 years ago.

I have now forgotten the name of the font I used (...)  and I'm wondering
if anybody here might be able to identify it.  Please have a look at
the screenshot at


The font in question is the one used in the buttons on the left (Hour,
Day, Week, etc).  I do remember it had an odd name, there was only one
of its kind (no bold, italic, etc), and it came in only half a dozen
sizes or so.  I also remember that when I upgraded the system a year or
so later, the font didn't show up in GIMPs font listing, and I made an
important note of tracking it down (which I of course didn't get round
to doing).

Your help will be most appreciated.

Thanks, best,

  -- Per
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