Simon Budig wrote:

> Nathan Lane ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
>>So why not convert your selection to a path then stroke the path? This is a
>>good work around, and even in my mind now, this makes sense. The stroked
>>path is antialiased.
> This is a good workaround if you know what you're doing and what effect
> you're after. We just cannot make this descision on behalf of the user
> from within Gimp code.

I can't believe any user actually wants this behavior.

But assuming some do, they could still get it by untoggling the
Antialiased checkbox in Choose Stroke Style--and in fact, I would expect
users who want aliased strokes are already doing that, unaware that the
Antialiased setting makes no difference at all (that I can see, anyway).

- Ernie                        
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