Claus Berghammer wrote:
> When I zoomed in with 2.6.0, put the cursor on the "pixels of interest", and
> type "1", the pixels of interest WAS at (or close to) the cursor (as
> expected). Now, with 2.6.1, the "pixels of interest" are somewhere, but not
> by far close to the cursor. Instead I always see the corner which is closest
> to the "pixels of interest" centered in the window.


Isn't what you are seeing here simply bug #555493 [1] ? If yes, then
yeah that is certainly a bug.

> I open a "larger" picture (1944x2592px), where "red eyes" has to be removed.
> That for, I zoom into the eyes with the zoom tool. Then I draw a freehand
> selection on every eye that needs to be changed. To see the effect of the
> following step at 100%, I type "1" while the cursor is between the two eyes.
> With 2.6 the eyes were centered in the image window now, and was able to
> proceed without any extra panning.

Since other use cases rely on that typing "1" does *not* use the cursor
as the zoom focus point (which was what bug #553534 [2] was all about),
I suggest you instead zoom out with the "-" key which *does* use the
mouse cursor as the zoom focus point, or make use of the Zoom Revert
functionality (View -> Zoom -> Revert Zoom, default shortcut key is "`").

> The zoom button instead always centers the image in the image window, which
> is slightly more compelling to me than centering a image corner in the
> window, but still not the perfect way.
> I would like to have the following behavior:
> - Zooming out with cursor IN the image window -> center the pixels under the
> cursor in the image window, image borders should be ignored.
> - Zooming out with mouse outside image window -> pixels in the center of the
> image window should remain the pixels in the center of the image window,
> image borders should be ?.

If you by "zoom button" mean the "-" or "+" key, then this is how it
currently behaves. And actually it is an open question if it *should*
behave that way or if the image coordinate under the cursor should
*always* be the zoom focus point, independent of if the cursor is within
the image window canvas or not. That is how GIMP 2.4 behaves. The way it
currently works in GIMP 2.6 was introduced before the image was made (in
the middle of GIMP 2.5 development) to center itself in the viewport if
it becomes small enough to fit there when zooming out . In other words,
there is no real reason to keep the new behaviour here.

> For the thing with image borders, how about introducing a operator key for
> zooming? Currently ALT and SHIFT doesn't seem to have a function while
> zooming, so one of these keys could be used to set the wanted border
> behavior.

I'm sceptical about this, to me it doesn't make much sense and feels
like a workaround to an issue that I'm not even sure exists in the first

Sorry for the late reply


Bug 555493 – Zoom 1:1 scrolls partly off image

Bug 553534 – centering issues after image scaling and setting zoom to 100%

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