Thanks for this. I actually found this page during my earlier hunt but
it's not exactly what I'm after. This refers to moving selections after
you release the mouse button. I mean moving the selection 'mid-drag' as
it were - so you don't have to keep clicking.

I used the cropping as an example (there are many scenarios where this
function was useful) but as if happens the same would apply to the
cropping tool as the selection tool. The problem appears at any point
where you're dragging out a shaped region.

It's a minor issue I know but it's amazing how one little thing can
cause you so much frustration when it's removed. 


Olly Lennox
IT Developer

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> A task that I find myself frequently performing is cropping images. In

> the old GIMP I used to drag out a selection box, and then use one of 
> the control keys (CTRL/ SHIFT/ ALT, can't remember which sadly) to 
> move it around until it looked right.

One link to rule them all


But why don't you use the crop tool if you want to crop an image or a


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