Alex Wrote
> (1) One thing caught my attention in it:
> =========
> (gimp-2.6.exe:4928): Gtk-WARNING **: Could not find the
> icon 'gtk-file'. 
> The 'hicolor' theme
> was not found either, perhaps you need to install it.
> You can get a copy from:

I may be wrong , i believe that related to Mathmap plugin and not to the gimp 

That because i get that exact warning from the MM console last time i used, and 
i noticed immediately because was something new

And then i notice also a weird  problem but only in mathmap, i could not expand 
the bottom "expression" folder to run the script i wish.
No problem for the other folders

If so, but again i may be wrong, i may guess the reason,

I installed a "stardock" utility called "Mycolors" to change xp theme and icon, 
i never notice any problem till i had to use mathmap...

I'm sure that message never come out before the change of theme and icon i use 
very often MM and i will have noticed .

Obviously MM may be not the only gimp plugin vulnerable, and "myColors" not the 
only utility that may create similar problems...

but will like to know if somebody may confirm the relation between that message 
and  tweaking to the Windows look ,in particular to change of theme and icon

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