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> Just beginning to use GIMP and I am baffled about how to properly transform
> a .gif file to make it appear transparent when I subsequently add it to a
> photo.  Each method I have tried still has a "solid" image that blocks out
> the original photo.  Thanks in advance.
> Gene
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I'm just learning how to do this myself, using the tutorial at the end of
Chapter 3 in Akkana Peck's excellent book "Beginning GIMP" ISBN 1590595874.
I'm using The Gimp 2.2 in Debian 4.0r3 Etch.

Make the background of the image transparent:
  Layer > Transparency > Add Alpha Channel
  Tools > Selection Tools > By Color Select
  Click on background color.
  Ctrl-X to delete the background color.
  File > Save

For the image you pointed to (roll.gif), I highlighted Frame 9
(in the Layers window)
which had a white background, The Add Alpha Channel was
already gray, so I did the By Color Select, then clicked on
the white Background and pressed Ctrl-X, then saved the
GIF image. (Save as Animation!)

Do this for each frame that has a white background.
I tested it by creating a simple HTML page with a black background
that displayed the modified animated GIF image. You may have to
click on several places in the background to get isolated spots
of white.

<!-- roll.html: test transparency of white background -->
<body bgcolor="black">
<img src="roll.gif">

I think I've covered all the details?
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