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> I sell postage stamps.  For inventory photos, I scan whole "stocksheets"
> (black backing, acetate strips to hold the stamps) with the stamps in place,
> then use GIMP to cut out the individual stamps for listing.

I have written a simple script which will add a command ("Save  
selected") to the File Menu. When executed, the current selection will  
be saved to a PNG file in the same directory as the file being edited.  
The name of the saved selection consists of the original file name  
with a sequence count appended ("original_name-1.png" for the first  
selection that's saved, "original_name-2.png" for the second, etc). If  
the script is executed with no selection, the sequence count is reset  
back to "1". The sequence count is also reset back to "1" if the image  
is reloaded.

The script has been tested with GIMP 2.6.2 and I suspect it should  
work with GIMP 2.4 (I doubt it will work with earlier GIMPs). The  
script can be downloaded from  

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