This problem seems to be well known but still not fixed.

So once again.
I have true xinerama setup with three heads and with different
resolutions (1024x768+0+282, 1680x1050+1024+0, 1024x768+2704+282).

I can't use twinview because of I'm using two video cards.

I'm using 
$ xsetwacom set stylus Screen_No <0|1|2> 
as keyboard shortcuts to map tablet to one of the screen. I have no
problems with X's pointer and with non GTK applications such as blender
and pencil (both with pressure sensitivity).

But in all GTK applications (gimp, inkscape and mypaint) in screen
mode cursor have offset. Seems GTK maps my tablet to whole virtual
screen (3728x1050). Moreover using tablet in screen mode periodically
makes my wacom driver hang. My cursor stops and then I can't kill X
server and can't switch to console.

I have to use window mode and keep gimp and inkscape windows
fullscreen. I still have offset. But it works anyway.

So why GTK uses this strange way to get pointer's position and doesn't
uses core pointer's coordinates as blender or QT?

my system:
gentoo amd64
xorg.conf in attach

Thank you.

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