Il giorno ven, 14/11/2008 alle 19.09 -0400, Joel Glanfield ha scritto:
> Hello,
> First time poster here.
> Just curious about how to change sky-colors like you see in a lot of 
> professional photographs. For example, on this site:

as already someone replied, at sunset and sunrise the sky colors are
wonderful. You might achieve nice results also by using a polarizer (if
you can attach it to your camera): it really makes the difference

If you want to artificially change the colors, I think the best way to
do it, is to do it in a selective manner:

1) duplicate the layer of the original photo
2) change the color of the duplicate layer by using the color balance
tool to reach the sky tonality you want (don't pay attention to want
happens to the rest of the photo)
3) apply a layer mask to the modified layer (hiding all the modified
4) select a brush with proper dimensions and draw with it over the layer
mask: this will reveal the modified layer. If you draw only over the sky
region, you will obtain the sky with your colors, while keeping the rest
of the image with original colors. You can play with different brushes
and different brush settings (I found the opacity setting very useful)
and see how to get the best results

Hope this helps


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