2008/11/15 Sven Neumann <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
>> Thanks, Sven. It seems that on my system (Kubuntu 8.04) one must close
>> the window labeled "Gimp Text Editor" in order to move the text.
> I don't see why you would have to close that window in order to move the
> text.  What keeps you from moving the text if the text editor window is
> open?

After more experimentation, I see that this is the situation:
If I click the canvas outside the text field, then the Gimp Text
Editor window gets focus and I cannot move the text with the keyboard
(nor the mouse, because I was not clicking on the text field). If I
click the canvas on the in the text field, then I can move the text
field with the arrow keys, but I still cannot drag it with the mouse.

> GIMP in trunk already allows on-canvas text editing. This will be in
> GIMP 2.8.

Excellent, thanks! However, the more general question stands: do the
Gimp devs take kindly to feature requests regarding the usability of
Gimp's tools? Or should I not even bother and waste their time?

Dotan Cohen


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