Gimp 2.6.2
Mac OS X 10.5.5

I have photos to which I need to apply 2 watermarks that you guys showed me
how to make transparent and I thank you for that as it was a huge step on
the road to really digging into this ongoing task I've volunteered for.
(Yeah, don't ever volunteer, but I've met a lot of very helpful people!)

I've also been able to use applescript to allow me to standardize the size
of the photos, rename them and then produce a thumb size image of each
photo from the resized image while putting each into their required

Is there a database of script-fu programs I can look at 1.) to help learn
the language, and 2.) that will allow me to automate certain stages of the
placement of the 2 watermarks since each watermark will have to be placed
in a different location on each photo in order to not interfere with the
object of the my case each photo will have a plane as the focal

Thanks again,


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