Leonard Evens wrote:
> I recently upgraded my main computer to Fedora 9 from Fedora 7.  When I
> brought gimp up and clicked on 'about' under Help, a window came up
> claiming it is gimp 2.4.1.   But the package is designated 2-2.4.7, from
> which I conclude it is really gimp 2.4.7.

Help -> About is much more reliable than the package name.

To find out for sure you can look in the NEWS file for 2.4 and try to
reproduce bugs that only existed in one of the versions. Depending on
what bugs you can reproduce, you can derive what version you have.

Another way would be to install the source package of the gimp program
package and look in the configure.in file, which has the version at the top.

- Martin
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